If you wish to “do something for the world”, now is the time.

During September 20th and 27th, a strong positive force to “shift the world to a better direction” circulates around the globe.

September 20th Global Climate March

September 21st International Peace Day

September 23rd UN Climate Action Summit 2019

September 27th Fridays for Future Global Strike

If you are hoping to “make the world better place” ―even if that was a slightest hope, please consider the day of 9/20 and the week of 9/21-9/27 as crucial days, as a member to take part to create a positive change together. There won’t be more exciting 7 days than this one!

We named this 7days that follows the Global Climate Strike as “Pray for Mother Earth Week”.

Pray for Mother Earth Week is a week to “pray for one Earth, or to put the prayer in to action”.


It is proved by science that genuine prayer has substantial effect.

Indeed, many people are experiencing miracles that resulted from the action of prayer.

In addition, prayer creates positive influences in your own life.


What happens if the people of the world continued to pray for a week, based on pure love for the Earth?

If numerous people took actions at once, focusing on the future of the Earth, not for their own gain?

Don’t you think it will create a positive influence for the world?


Pray for Mother Earth is an attempt to collaborate and work together across the planet, beyond borders.


A teenager girl from Malaysia who found out about Pray for Mother Earth Week, immediately decided to launch a pan-Asian youth group to pray together and chant mantras for world peace for those 7 days.

Steven Leeper, a former director of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, says “For this period, I need to sit and pray everyday at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima”. Steven is going to put this into action.


It doesn’t matter which kind of form you are taking to pray for the Earth.

Please take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What can I do? (How can I serve?)”

During the 7 days of Pray for Mother Earth Week, we invite you to put your prayer into action.

Your small action of courage will inspire others to awaken their courage.

Let’s take hands and stand up together with the people around this globe.


Please spread the words about this Pray for Mother Earth Week to many people around you.

Use hashtag #PrayForMotherEarth #PrayForMotherEarthWeek to connect with others who are taking actions.

How can you participate the Pray for Mother Earth Week?

・ Simply meditate for 7 days

Meditate, at your favorite timing during the day, or at your designated meditation time, once a day, or as many times as you want. Start with calming your mind and focusing your heart with Mother Earth. Then send a word of gratitude or prayer, either at loud or quietly. Continue this for 7 days.

・ Put the prayer (your thought) for Earth into action

Spend one of the 7 days, or all those days, for taking actions for Mother Earth. On your own, or gather your friends for a collective action.


- Pick up litters everyday, at the same time of a day for 7 days

- Organize a free music live or charity concert (make it a non-profit one)

- Go on a camping in nature, with your thought for Mother Earth

- Go vegetarian/vegan for 7 days

- Be kind to others for 7 days!

- Organize a Pray for Mother Earth Soccer Tournament

・Join a collective action

- Join the Climate Strike March on September 20th, 27th→https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/

- Take part in one of the actions on this website

Use hashtag 

#PrayForMotherEarth or #PrayForMotherEarthWeek and #FridaysForFuture and post your ideas for actions or your prayers.

* If you are organizing an event or a collective action, please send us the event page or website and your contact so that we can post it on this website!  Contact form >(https://forms.gle/74gPPy6vFXLnhcBo6

- We, Earth Gypsy are planning to organize a YES Parade on September 27th, the last day of Pray for Mother Earth Week. Whether you are interested in climate change / environmental issues or not, if you have a slightest hope “to make the world a better place”, or have a vision for a brighter future, please join the parade.In addition, we will keep on working to make the charity concert “YESaid” happen - We have been in touch with many leaders from different fields to realize this vision!

Pray For Mother Earth News

広島平和文化センター元理事長のスティーブン・リーパーさんは、広島平和記念公園で毎日Climate Strikeのために座ります。/8:00am-6:00pm/折り鶴の子どもたちの像近くの花壇。みんなもスティーブンさんと一緒に座ろう!/FBイベントページ#PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 hiroshima 

地球へ愛と感謝の気持ちを込めて踊る1週間。心弾んだ方 ぜひ、それぞれの場所でご一緒に! FBイベントページ/   #PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 YOUR PLACE

11時11分は地球へ祈りを捧げよう〜Pray for mother earth week〜/FBイベントページ#PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 YOUR PLACE


9.21-9.27 MALASYA

First Step for Vegan ~ヴィーガンはじめの一歩~ ヴィーガンを広げるために、ヴィーガンライフスタイルのお弁当を投稿します!みんなも一緒にしよう。/FBイベントページ #PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 SNS

地球の美しさを見つけよう。その日見つけた地球の美しさを、Facebookで写真や文とともにシェアしよう!/FBイベントページ #PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 SNS


9.26 ONLINE 

地球を感謝のエネルギーでいっぱいにする1週間 ぜひ、それぞれの場所でご一緒に! FBイベントページ/   #PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 Facebook

光のごはん。それぞれの家庭で感謝を込めた光の料理を作る7日間。 FBイベントページ#PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-27 YOUR PLACE 

地球にハグする写真をInstagramに投稿します。みんなも是非、ハッシュタグをつけて投稿しよう!世界と繋がろう/Instagram #PrayForMotherEarth

9.21-9.27 SNS


9.21-9.27 Instagram

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